Hybrid profiles are materials that are created by combining two or more components to create new features. The goal of making hybrid profiles is to make a better product by ensuring that the two materials that are utilized compensate for each other’s deficiencies. As a result, a novel composite material with the great features is created, these materials may decrease the disadvantages of materials used in a variety of fields.


Oriented Fiber Placement (OFP) technology in filament winding is developed and used to manufacture high-performance hybrid profiles.

For the manufacturing of hybrid profiles, state-of-the-art bonding technology was developed and used to join fiber reinforced materials to metals.


Due to its high strength, low weight, high damage tolerance and impact resistance, good fatigue life, and good corrosion resistance, innovative hybrid composites are widely employed in the aerospace, automotive, construction, architecture, furniture and defense industries.


  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • Lightweight Structure
  • Oriented Fiber Placement (OFP) Technology
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Long Life-span

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